Obesity: changes to taste and smell after weight loss surgery

There are changes in appetite, taste and smell for patients who had undergone Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, a study finds.

Better training on ECG interpretation needed

In the latest issue of The British Journal of Cardiology, the editorial considers the importance of ECG training. The following is a summary:

More lives saved if specialist teams treat acute heart failure

People with suspected acute heart failure should be seen by a specialist team within a heart failure service at hospital.

NHS must encourage ‘whole person care’

Clinical excellence awards should be used to incentive consultants to provide whole person care, recommends a report commissioned by the Labour party.

General medicine more important to hospitals

In medicine there is a move away from specialist working to more generalist roles treating acutely ill patients.

ECGs by ambulance crews lead to better patient outcomes

ECGs carried out by ambulance crews on suspected heart attack patients can help save lives, according to new research.

“Don’t break the acute medicine model on a whim”

By Dr Alistair Douglas, president of the Society for Acute Medicine

We welcome the address by the Secretary of State in yesterday’s speech at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hsopital focussing on patients who have complex health problems which often require expertise across multiple specialties and the importance of clearly identifying a named consultant responsible for each patient’s care.

Hunt calls for US-style ‘whole stay doctors’

The Health Secretary has decried the lack of continuity of care for patients and has called for the development of ‘whole stay doctors’.

How to write a good medico-legal report

The ‘Jackson reforms’ in civil court procedure are close upon us. Extended ‘tracks’, fixed fees and non-recoverability of success fees will force lawyers to take a close look at the costs incurred in presenting an injury claim and how most efficiently to put the claim together, writes barrister and author Giles Eyre.

Setting up in private practice: at-a-glance guidance

Many consultants consider private practice to generate more income. The current size of the UK private healthcare market is about £4bn with 7.5 million insured patients (13% of the population). About 19% of the market is self-pay.

What’s the tax status of an honorarium?

There is a type of payment that is becoming common to consultants – the honorarium, writes John O’Leary.