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Surviving the Surgical On-call

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Dr Simon Fynn

Dr Simon Fynn

Doctors are under increasing pressure in the NHS. The demands are high and time is short.

Medicine is also becoming increasingly complex, with a wide range of diagnostics and therapeutics.

Keeping up-to-date through high quality medical training in this dynamic environment can be a real challenge. Study leave and training budgets are being reduced all around the country.

That’s why senior doctors, led by Dr Simon Fynn, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director for Cardiology at Papworth Hospital, have set up Cambridge Medicine.

Cambridge Medicine Courses are designed to provide training for doctors – both in hospitals and general practice – that enhance both their clinical skills and medical knowledge.

The training is priced to be affordable for hard-pressed doctors; it’s accredited; and, it’s scheduled so that doctors don’t have to take time off work.

Cambridge Medicine’s current events include On-call Diagnostics, Passing FRCA, Front Door Cardiology, ECG Masterclass and Surviving the Surgical On-call. Click on the links below for more details.

The courses are lively and interactive and designed to foster greater confidence among clinicians when delivering frontline practice – in clinics, on wards and importantly when on-call.

“Most juniors admit to being less than confident with ECGs. It’s vital for doctors of all levels to be able to interpret them correctly.

“Correct ECG interpretation means a patient can either be started on the right treatment or reassured – and spared numerous investigations. Sometimes it saves lives.” – Dr Simon Fynn

At Cambridge Medicine, Simon is supported by leading physicians, radiologists, anaesthetists and surgeons from the academic hubs of Cambridge and Norwich and beyond who share his passion for teaching and clinical excellence.

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