Cardiology Essentials Course

Cardiology Essentials Course offers comprehensive training on all of the common cardiac problems that trainee and consultant doctors may face in AMU, the Emergency Department or on-call on the wards.

In the morning, the course will cover many of the common acute cardiac presentations, that can manifest themselves as chest pain, breathlessness and collapse, to help delegates assess and confidently diagnose the underlying cause.

The sessions will help answer common dilemmas around when to reassure, when to refer and when to admit.

In the afternoon, the course will cover the management of the big cardiac issues – ACS and Acute Heart Failure – in more detail.

Cardiology Essentials Course will offer guidance on both common and complex presentations the consequences of which can range from troublesome to the life-threatening. In some cases, immediate recognition of the problem is necessary to deal effectively with the patient – and this cardiology training will support doctors in making those decisions.

By the end of the day, delegates will feel far more confident in diagnosing and managing cardiac presentations. Through highly interactive sessions, our highly experienced Cardiology experts will offer clear, practical training for doctors of all grades.

The training will be particularly relevant for doctors working in Acute Medicine, Emergency Medicine and General Medicine.

Cardiology Essentials will be run on Saturday 14 September 2019 at the UCH Education Centre, in Central London. Tickets must be purchased in advance (£150 each), so please email to find out the payment details.

Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.






9.30am-9.50am Cardiology – it's not as scary as you think Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

An introductory talk that considers why many doctors lack confidence when dealing with cardiac presentations. It will offer an overview of cardiology and consider how doctors can better approach common presentations.

9.50am-10.15am Chest Pain Dr Polyvios Demetriades (confirmed)

Chest Pain is an incredibly common presentation. This talk will help determine whether it’s cardiac or non-cardiac. It will outline an approach to differentiate between the commonest and most important causes.

10.15am-10.40am Syncope – and other causes of collapse Dr Polyvios Demetriades (confirmed)

Doctors need to be able to distinguish simple faints from life-threatening causes of collapse. This talk will consider the differential diagnosis of ‘collapse ? cause’, identifying when to reassure, when to admit and how to investigate this common presentation.

11am-11.25am Palpitations – when should I be worried? Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

This talk will provide a framework to assess the patient with palpitations. It will then consider the diagnosis and management of the commonest causes: AF, SVT and VT.

11.25am-11.50am The Breathless Patient Dr Polyvios Demetriades (confirmed)

A practical guide to the assessment of the breathless patient. It will consider how to quickly determine the cause: acute severe asthma, heart failure, PE, infection, COPD, or pneumothorax. Where to start?

11.50am-12.45am The ECG – a refresher session Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

ECGs still need to be interpreted by a doctor (whatever the claims of an ECG manufacturer). This session will act as a refresher on the basics of ECG interpretation and seek to improve the confidence of delegates when interpreting electrocardiograms.



1.30pm-2.15pm Acute Coronary Syndrome Dr Unni Krishnan (confirmed)

ACS can be easily missed. The instability and unpredictability of ACS can make patients challenging to diagnose and treat. This talk will cover how appropriate history taking, good ECG data and timely tests can make the diagnosis and management of ACS less intimidating.

2.15pm-3pm Acute Heart Failure Dr Unni Krishnan (confirmed)

Acute Heart Failure is a worrying presentation on any medical ward. Doctors need to understand the mechanism of acute heart failure to help decide the optimum emergency treatment. Nitrates, inotropes and diuretics – where do they all fit in? This talk will give delegates confidence in their immediate management, and a clear understanding of when to call for specialist input.

3.15pm-4pm Arrhythmia Management Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

Both tachy- and brady-arrhythmia can be daunting presentations. The diagnosis alone can be challenging, management even more so – with ineffective first line therapies and a multitude of contraindications. This session will provide a clear approach to diagnosis, as well as a nuanced strategy for treating your patients.

4pm-4.3opm The ECG – more advanced interpretation Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

Using real ECGs, this talk will tackle more challenging interpretations.

4.30pm-5pm The Big ECG Quiz – fingers on buzzers Dr Simon Fynn (confirmed)

Have the delegates been paying attention? A light hearted – and useful – end to the course.



Delegate Feedback

Brilliant course – very interactive and engaging.

CMT, London

Fantastic – interesting and passionate speakers.

ST4, Birmingham